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23 September 2010

(pardon) F U C K I N G  totownwn

Welcome to the F***i*g ups! 

Don't think that it's about bad thing, but in fact there is a name of a (special) town is Fucking. Yeah we know what is fucking mean... Fucking famous with curse word. therefore don't think that it's about bad thing first.

Here it is...
Find out Fucking town

Fucking in Austria is famous with name of a small town which the population is 150 residents. The most interested-famous-unpredictable here is the road markings by the town name. 

Sometimes there are a lot of tourists who speak by English will stop for a while in this road (under the road markings) just for take a picture! this rm is the most frequently road markings stolen in Austria. All of residents have already prepare special fee for change this road markings after somebody had stolen it. it's unique name for a town

Let's move on! good bye Fucking town..! 

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