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vacation in S U R A B A J A

15 September 2010

MAD--H A P P Y--B O R E D--S A D

  • MAD for the driver who gave me bad service. played dangdut song. in this case the driver played the song when my favorite song was being played. the driver rather mad at me because the way to catch at my sister's board is small (hey, the way is not mine, sir)

  • H A P P Y for met with my Brother and Sister. got a new dress from my sister. got two my favorite books. went to zangrandi. got treated delicious branch and yummy lunch. got special service ever! 
  • B O R E D for waiting my sister came home after working for a long time (sometimes 12 hours per day she's a nurse).

  • S A D for let my brother and sister. let all of my special service there!! :P hihii :D

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