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3 Oktober 2010

I miss my sister badly though :(

so blue. she always promotes me. she always cheer me up when I laid down. she always be my partner. she never indulgent me. she never let her sister sad and stay on her pain. she teach me a lot. how to survive in this world. she teach me how to be a great girl. not just strong enough to defeat all of enemies in this world.

sometimes honestly I ever had envy to you. you got it I ain't. you can do it but I can't. but sometimes if Dad or Mom give me something you do nothing. you just ignore it if you think that it just ordinary thing. but if you love it you'll be happy that I got it. hey! how evil am I ;(

twice my sister show her kindness to me. first you came to my school just want to make me sure that I'm ok. is it worth to you? second when I spend my little holiday to your town. you gave me special service ever. you treat me delicious ice cream. you bought a beautiful dress for me. show me special place that I'll
comfy if I were there (and it's true). and I could imagine how my friends tell me that they never cares with their sister and their sister never cares to her. be thankful that I have a special princess in my life.

That was just wasting time if I spend my time to be envy. envy to my sister. how poor am I !! 

I just want to say THANK'S for being loves me to be your little sister
big THANK'S for all of your kindness my beloved sister :)

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