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T O K E K is disgusting

5 Oktober 2010

find T O K E K

I was looking for T O K E K when I should have a meeting. R U M (Rather Urgent Meeting) not really urgent, huh? So I can join it by the time I have been doing my job. And after the bell is rings. Here we go! And 3.. 2... 1.. go!!! (What?) *lol* me and my friend gives name J A M E L A A went to splendid. It's like a market. But there are two kind of splendid market. For florist and pets market. So I went there...

Me as driver thought that I was a racer (pardon? are you kidding me? mio ae ga gedok mbak!) *lol* then jamelaa was screaming.. "wuhuiii!! sooo cool..!" yeah, i loves doing it and I'm happy makes my friend so comfy :) then... it's time to searched TOKEK. Ehm actually we will buy kadal. We looking for arround of pets market and asked to some seller. One time I was in snakes area. I don't realized it. There are a lot of glasses box which snakes inside of it. They crawl slowly. That time I just gawked. Oh gosh! My ears felt so amused. I felt that there are a lot of snakes in the floor. Honestly, we will bought it. But the price is too expensive.

They just said, "oh there!" or "oh you should go there!" perhaps "oh we don't have something that you looking for. just go there" maybe "oh girls! why didn't you tell me yesterday! I'll looking for for you" and that moment I felt that how pity am I. "oh ya! why I didn't looking for it first? oh ya! (once again) I have a strong reason. I couldn't guarantee it that I or my friends's group will keep it save. I swear! And the KADAL one is really extraa disgusting. And there is other answer "oh come on I'll show you!" I prefer the last one!

When we asked to the seller. She said.. "oh I'm sorry, but the seller have already gone." but suddenly a men who sit down on his motorcycle said.. "I have some TOKEK. Would you like to buy it?" How to be wise girl in this condition I don't have other chance. Because I let my meeting and I should go back again. "okay, sir. I'll take it" after bargained it we paid 15.000 the price before is 20.000. Now I went back to school :)

have a great both day and job for tomorrow ;)

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