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i called it 'iseng'

February, 17 2011

bla bla bla

February, 17 2011

tomorrow i'm going to go to Jakarta. i'll join debate competition in MAN Insan Cendekia-Serpong. Well, today i prepare everything. And I feel nervous. Hahaaa wish me luck -,- :)

she's style is never die!!!

February, 17 2011

she's sophisticated, stylish, smart, and so on.. i just love her style and of course her cleverness. check it! ;)

 it's my favorite!

i have my own :D

February, 17 2011

it's all up to me. i design a minimalist-ecological-environmentally friendly home :)
well, actually i just spend my waste time by drawing something today. and yeah... let's check it out!

i miss my family

February, 14 2011

 my sister, mom, and I in front of Red Sea

I and Dad = delay, then we doing freak thing :D

I and my brother in front of Jabal Rahmah

the result is...

February, 8 2011

Alhamdulillah we get second place :)
and alhamdulillah I as the best speaker. Alhamdulillah, ya Allah :)

after we passed hard week practice and my team sleep over together in one of my friend's home. GRATITUDE !!! :D
i and my beloved team :)

next debate

February, 8 2011

Alhamdulillah my team could passed "the preliminary thing" and today we go to final :)

bismillah... :)


February, 7 2011

waiting for the next match

hard week

February, 5 2011

prepare 12 motions for debate competition on February, 7 2011
after school i should take a practice-sparing and so on till evening. and then, tomorrow till the END hahahaa :D
i do really tired. but i like it! i'm happy doing it :)

wuw! excited to go debate competition next monday! please pray for me, gurls :D
bismillah.. :)


January, 30 2011

story telling competition
but alhamdulillah i failed :) it means that i will have more chances then and the most important is we know that experiences is the precious not the best teacher in our whole life. and ehm--ya! we should gratitude. and God teach us by this experience how to be a strong girl that shouldn't desperate. the must important and worth is how we grab the success not the value.
thx GOD! :)

i always remember that, "God gives us what do we need, not what do we want" 

 find me! :D

he's my old friend

January, 4 2011

He's my old friend. My old friend. My old friend. My old friend. It's enough huh, to describe how old we know each other. i mean how old the brotherhood between us two. BUT, we never meet since ehm--- five years ago. And now we meet when we both are teenager and we are 17 years old. Ya! I know that it's not 'wow' thing. But I have told you in January, 1 2011 that I forget how do I feel when I falling in love. But, I'm not telling that I love-- I mean I falling in love with him! NO! But I shouldn't say NO. Because everything is possible, huh?

Aaaaaaa i'm confused. I feel like my heart is... ehm--- what we called it in English? Perang batin. Yeaaahh... something like that.

i forget something

January 01, 2011

hey, gurls! it's first day on January. first day on two thousand and eleven! yuhuuu!!!
hey guys i have something 'rare' inside my feeling that i want to share it to you. hahaa
well, first HAPPY NEW YEAR!

well, i couldn't tell it from A. because it has been took for a long time ago. ehm--- actually, 3 weeks ago. haha! but i told you it has been took for a long time. it's like ten years ago, isn't? hahaa! but the reason why i don't want to share it 3 weeks ago here are because 
first, i forgot my password! hahaa sorry :D 
second, and i don't want to tell it again from A. it's a looonnngggg story
well, the point is....

and I couldn't recognize it. am I falling in love now?
so I'll answer....

I don't know

hahaa. it's not important. but something happened and yeah, i couldn't denied it that it's truly happened in me. hahhaaa!! -,-