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he's my old friend

January, 4 2011

He's my old friend. My old friend. My old friend. My old friend. It's enough huh, to describe how old we know each other. i mean how old the brotherhood between us two. BUT, we never meet since ehm--- five years ago. And now we meet when we both are teenager and we are 17 years old. Ya! I know that it's not 'wow' thing. But I have told you in January, 1 2011 that I forget how do I feel when I falling in love. But, I'm not telling that I love-- I mean I falling in love with him! NO! But I shouldn't say NO. Because everything is possible, huh?

Aaaaaaa i'm confused. I feel like my heart is... ehm--- what we called it in English? Perang batin. Yeaaahh... something like that.

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